No Ho-Ho-Homo


You spend to many lonely nights dreaming about Tachibana?
Now you have a chance to hug his soft (too soft) body every night and wake up with him by your side every morning!
Maybe you want to take him to the pool or beach? Here are two sides of Makoto, for you particular situations!
And just look, he has some long and sweet thing in his hands for these hot days!
So all you have to do is:
1) reblog! No follow needed
2) do it as many times, as you want!
3) open your ask box
4) wait till 25 September!

Thank you for being with me!
And yes, I had so much fun writing this post :DD




i think it’s so cute when straight people think they’ve never met a queer person. that’s adorable. you’re adorable.

I think it’s cute when people blame straight people for being born.

you’re right!! that’s exactly what i said in my post!!! reading comprehension a+ i’m so proud



The binder tag is like 90% posts about chest binders by trans people but then every once in a while you get somebody who’s PUMPED about their new school supplies

also the ftm tag is like transbro transbro transbro first time mum transbro

Stehst du auf musicals???



remember that fic where sherlock raced through a crowd of people screaming at them to move and then ripped through a bonfire in order to bodily drag john out of it and then cupped his face and looked down at him like he was the most precious thing in the worl-

oh wait


"Why do all the script pages have this funny little squiggle on them?  What is Ay-Oh-Three?"

literally every artist: please tell me what you liked about my art in the tags please please P L E A S E